Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FSDA?
The Florida Stamp Dealers Association is a group of professional full and part time Stamp Dealers located in Florida and over 20 other states. The purpose of association is twofold, both to provide support to fellow dealers as well as provide service to collector

Why should a Stamp Dealer want to belong to the FSDA?
Any time a group of professionals band together, strength is gained. The FSDA conducts Advertising Programs, sponsors a Stamp Show, has a dealer alert for stolen collections or problems that need to be publicized. Our logo is well known around the country. By last count we were the largest state stamp dealers organization in the country. This webpage is another FSDA effort to aid and assist fellow dealers.

How can the FSDA help a Collector?
First and foremost our membership is screened and monitored. Our logo is a sign of dependable service. By contacting and obtaining services from our dealers you can be assured of good service at shows, by mail or the internet.

How can I contact a member of the FSDA?
The information contained in this webpage includes names, address, phone numbers and when available email or websites that you can link to.

How can I find a dealer for what I collect?
Each dealer has their specialities listed under his or her name in the alphabetical listing.

How about Stamp Shows?
Not only does the FSDA sponsor a major stamp show in Florida (FLOREX), but many other shows that FSDA members attend are listed under the show page.

I have some stamps on some old letters. Should I just tear them off?
No. Sometimes the usage or cancellation is more collectable and possibly more valuable than the use stamp alone. The material needs to be inspected by a dealer or specialist in postal history before soaking the stamps off of any old letters or postcards.

Is a used stamp or an unused one more valuable?
It depends on the particular issue. Most mint (unused) stamps are more valuable than used ones, but some stamps are quite valuable when used, especially when still attached to the original envelope.

I have a large quantity of 3 and 4 cent US stamps in full sheets. My father bought them at the post office, so I know they are at least 40 or 50 years old. I took them to a local stamp dealer and he offered me 50% of face value for them. Why? Is he trying to steal my stamps from me?
No - 3 and 4 cent U.S. commemorative stamps were printed in huge quantities and were saved in huge quantities. There are still many more of these stamps available than there are collectors, so supply far out strips demand. With first class postage rates at 63 cents it takes 21, three cent stamps to mail a letter, so the effort to use the stamps for postage is time intensive. This results in these stamps not being sought after by collectors or by large users of postage. The only way a postage user is going to purchase these stamps is at a substantial discount from face value in order to make up for the additional labor it will take to apply the stamps to an envelope. From an economic standpoint, why should a dealer spend $5000.00 for a large quantity of 3 and 4 cent sheets that will take years to use as postage when he can make many more investments which will return 10% or better on his investment without the effort involved.

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